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Are you ready for an unparalleled outdoor experience? The Hornelen Via Ferrata is a brand new Via Ferrata up Europe’s highest sea cliff. Climbing straight up this cliff with the sea right below you is an unforgettable experience. Use our introductionprices and book your adventure here. Welcome to Hornelen Via Ferrata!

We offer both half- and wholeday tours that are all great experiences. Olavsroute goes all the way to the top of the mountain, while the Wall of Witches and Eagle’s Side return about half-way.

All climbing up Hornelen Via Ferrata is only allowed in company of a guide from Hornelen Via Ferrata AS.

Europe’s highest

Mount Hornelen is the highest sea cliff in Europe, and is worth a visit in itself. Fjord, mountain and sea fight for your attention, and you won’t get any closer than when you climb the wall yourself!

Historical climbing route

The saga of Olav Trygvasson tells that he climbed the steep wall at Mount Hornelen, and many therefore think that he established the first climbing route in Norway here. Now you have the chance to climb in his footsteps, albeit under slightly more controlled conditions.

Full and half

Hornelen Via Ferrata offers multiple triplengths, with several daily departures. The half day trips go up The Witches Wall and The Eagle’s Side, which is the first part of the route, and Olavsroute which takes you all the way to the top. Here is something for anyone feeling sporty and adventurous! It is only allowed to climb Hornelen Via Ferrata with a guide.

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The most airy experience in Norway

Why Hornelen Via Ferrata?

The unique combination of airy climbing up the iconic Mount Hornelen, with the ship berth right below you, is an unparalleled experience. Our guides ensure a safe experience, so that the only thing you need to focus on is the adrenaline and the fantastic view!

Safety is our priority

Safety is our absolute highest priority, and is the primary task of all our guides. All of our customers should feel safe on the trip, even if the view can make anyone feel a little dizzy. Our guides have extensive safety training to prevent unwanted incidents and solve them if they occur. 

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