Maintenance fee

For the experienced climber only with their own equipment. Anyone who wants to climb without a guide needs to book a timeslot.

Duration: 1 day

Level: Experienced

Valid: On all the routes

Age: 18 + years

Price: 375 NOK per person

Maintenance fee – for the experienced climber

Anyone who wants to climb the Via Ferrata route without a guide needs to book a timeslot and pay a maintenance fee. The fee goes to maintaining the facilities and route.

Are you climbing without a guide from June through August? Then you must start after 11:30 to avoid queues on the route. During the off-season in May, September and October, you can choose your own starting time.

All climbing without a Hornelen Via Ferrata guide is at your own risk. We strongly recommended climbing the Via Ferrata with a professional and skilled guide.

The maintenance fee is valid for one day. You are free to use all the routes, but you have to be 18 years or older to climb without a guide, or 14 years or older if accompanied by an adult.

Only experienced climbers can climb without a guide. The Wall of Witches and Olavsrute are challenging routes, with extremely demanding rescue scenarios if accidents occur.

Are you doubting your capabilities and want to ensure your safety? Book a guided tour.

On tour

  • Included: Use of the Via Ferrata
  • Bring yourself: Helmet, harness, resting sling, Via Ferrata-slings, shoes, gloves, appropriate clothing (gloves can be bought in our store), daypack and enough food and drinks.

Do you want a guided tour?

Are you doubting your own climbing level? Ensure your safety. Book a guided tour!

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It can be smart to check the safety rules, practical information and getting to know our team. If you have other questions, please contact us.

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