What is the Hornelen Via Ferrata?

Not to state the obvious, but it is a Via Ferrata up Hornelen. And it is absolute world class!

The Highest Sea Cliff in Europe

Hornelen Via Ferrata is a brand-new climbing route scaling Europe’s highest sea cliff, located in Bremanger, Nordfjord. Via Ferrata derives from the Italian “iron road”, because of the iron steps, hoops and grips attached to the mountain. This has been done in the Alps for a long time, first to establish transportation routes of the mountains, but later as well for leisure.

Hornelen towers 860 meters above Skatestraumen, and is an iconic mountain in Nordfjord and also in Norwegian context. The sayings tell us about Viking King Olav Trygvasson which climbed the wall around year 1000, and mean believe that Hornelen is the first established climbing route in Norway. Hornelen is also a gathering point for witches and other creatures all year, but especially during mid-summers-night. Among the locals, Hornelen is also called Smalsarhorn, due to its characteristic horn when you see the mountain profile from the north or south.

Three levels – something for everyone

All trips on Hornelen Via Ferrata are guided. It is not allowed to climb without. We aim to keep the groupsizes relatively small, which increases safety and the good vibes.
We have three routes: Eagle’s Side, Wall of Witches and Olavsroute. Eagle Hill is situated in the lowest part of Hornelen and is suitable for those who want to challenge their fear of heights a little or try the Via Ferrata for the first time. There are some walkingparts, but also around 80 meters of climbing to enjoy. Graded to B.

The Wall fo Witches is the part after Eagle’s Side, and offers airy climbing, both vertically and horizontally, as well as overhang. This one is for you who want more of a challenge than Eagle Hill, with a moderate degree of difficulty. The route ends in Smalsarhuken, where you start on the return hike after devoering your lunch and the views. If you caught the bug during your trip, one simply has to return another day to try Olavsroute all the way to the top! For your information, the Wall of Witches does not end up on top of Hornelen. The Wall of Witches is mandatory for anyone who wants to climb Olavsroute. Graded to C/D.

Olavsrute scales the entire mountain, from the shore to the very top of the mountain. This is for people who really want to feel alive. You walk directly to Smalsarhuken, before commencing on the push to the summit, after a quick break. Here you get multiple vertical sections, dangle of benches hanging in the mountain wall and finally conquering the summit of Europe’s highest sea cliff! 45 meters opf overhanging climbing awaits you. Graded as F. The return from the top is longer and more strenious than the return from Wall of Witches, but it is in great nature.

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