One night in hammock, above Nordfjorden, beneath Hornelen.


Level: Easy

Weight: 40-120 (with pack)

Age: 12 years +

Group: 2-6 persons

Hammock – a hovering overnight stay beneath Hornelen

Hornelen Via Ferrata takes you on an overnight trip you won’t soon forget! The trip starts by walking along the shoreline to Eagle Hill, where we put on our Via Ferrata equipment. Here there will be a full introduction to Via Ferrata climbing, before we climb the intro wall and get to test gravity. The trip continues up the steep stairs that eventually end at our shelter. Here we light a fire, and the guide prepares dinner on the campfire with a fantastic view. As evening approaches, we hang up the hammocks in the shelter and dream away.

The next day, breakfast is served with sunrise, before we stroll back to basecamp and wrap up the tour. This is a great trip for those who want an overnight trip with that little extra, where the focus is on experiencing nature and having fun. The hike itself takes around 2 hours one way, so there will be plenty of time for stories around the campfire and one, two or three cups of breakfast coffee.

The climbing section itself is graded B on the Via Ferrata scale, which is manageable for most active people. The hiking trail runs in hilly terrain, and is not adapted any more than a normal Norwegian hiking trail.

On tour

  • Included: Via Ferrata set, helmet, harness. Dinner, breakfast. Hammock, sleeping mat. Guiding.
  • Bring yourself: Shoes, gloves (gloves can be bought at our store), fitted clothing, backpack. Sleeping bag (can be rented upon request). Toiletries

Why sit tight when you can hang loose?

Perfect for sporty groups and families who want a slightly different overnight trip. Our skilled guides take care of the group’s safety and create a good atmosphere so that you can enjoy the activity and the surroundings.

The tour starts from basecamp with around 60 minutes of walking, before climbing for 20 minutes and continuing up the stairs for another 30 minutes. Once there, we set up camp for the evening and cook together. In the morning we pack up after breakfast, before returning via the return trail to basecamp.

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It can be smart to check the safety rules, practical information and getting to know our team. If you have other questions, please contact us.

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